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HAUL Association is the first Autosports Association to encompass Drag Racing, Drifting, Autocross and more!

With the large growing attraction of motorsports there is a sense of unity that needs to be created. In the large majority of industries and leagues, they are oftentimes divided by their own cause. The HAUL Association was founded with the intent of uniting auto enthusiasts of all kinds, no matter their interest in a specific motorsport. HAUL Ass. for short, stands for "Hyper Autosports Uniting Leadfooters Association".  Within the HAUL Association you will find leagues dedicated to Drag Racing, Drifting, Autocross, Truck Tugs, and so much more! Full on points and competition programs specifically for each league that will include a universal membership within the HAUL Association. If you are interested in joining the HAUL Association contact us today. ...

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